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Finding Free Agents

The find free agents section shown below automatically showcases some of the top free agent picks that we could find. Clicking the top arrows will show you more potential free agents.

The number in green showcases their Player Ratings (FSP). The numbers included alongside the player is their projection for the day or week, depending on your settings.

Find Free Agents

Various Ways to Research Free Agents

There are also various ways to find free agents. In the above example for the NBA it shows Waivers, Projections, and MPG Leaders. You'll also notice that the players you own are included in these sections so you can compare where your player's fit in versus the free agent pool.

So what makes each section different and why are they useful?

In the Waivers section we combine their recent performance numbers with their trending ownership percentages. We call this their F+ rating, and players are sorted by this number by default. This will highlight players who have been on a hot streak recently, have been climbing in ownership, or a combination of both.

In the Projections section we are looking at their future performance expectations across various categories. This section is especially useful when determining which players have easy or hard matchups and how they compare against your existing players. You can see matchup details by clicking on the GP column and viewing their upcoming schedule. GREEN stands for easy matchups and RED stands for tough.

So for example, let's say you are looking to improve your rebounds category. Head to the Projections section and then sort by REB. Take a look at the list of free agents who will perform better than your current starter and determine if he's good enough to pick up. Pay close attention to the bar graphs next to each player under O/S. They showcase the player's OWN and START percentages.

The MPG Leaders section puts an emphasis on minutes played. You can take a look at each specific team or take a look at free agents who are playing the most minutes. Picking up players who play a lot of minutes is typically a good rule to follow. If two players are projected to have similar numbers for the week, I'd always tend to lean with the guy who will play more minutes.

Who Should I Drop?

Knowing who to drop or who might be expendable on your team is just as important as knowing who to pick up. Make sure you read up on My Roster where we break down what that section does and why it's important.

Also, check out the Strongest/Weakest section that lists all of your worst and best players.

Best & Worst

Updated on: 01/21/2019

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