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How Are Player Ratings (FSP) Calculated?

Our player ratings indicate the value of the player. The higher the player rating, the better the player.

Our industry leading player ratings take into account raw statistical numbers in dozens of categories, fantasy league scoring systems, player expectations, and performance trends. We also compare your player's performance to other similarly positioned players. We simplify it all down into a number rating plus a detailed analysis on how we came to it.

During the offseason and early in the season we often use projections to help increase the accuracy of player ratings and analysis. This is especially true when it comes to baseball and football.

Player ratings are constantly being tweaked and updated behind the scenes. For baseball, hockey, and basketball player ratings get updated once per day.

For football, a major player update occurs on Tuesday mornings with new stats from the past week of games.

Updated on: 01/16/2019

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