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Understanding Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics in a nutshell is a game changer for fantasy players. No one else offers these types of insights except for here at FantasySP. You will now be able to analyze the most important fantasy metrics of the current week BEFORE waivers are processed. Yes, I said BEFORE waivers are processed.

You will now have unique insights into which players fantasy owners are giving up on and which players fantasy owners are fighting for in the current week.

These include: waivers, trades, add/drops, and FAAB (free agent auction bidding).

Right now this is just working for the NFL but it will also work for the NBA, NHL, and MLB. However those sports generally have continuous waivers so these insights may not be quite as valuable as compared to the NFL.

How Is this Accomplished?

Unfortunately I cannot divulge my secrets as to how we are able to achieve this breakthrough in fantasy analytics. What I can tell you is that it is extremely accurate.

Feel free to compare and contrast these numbers as waivers officially process during the week. To be clear, the waiver data will stay on the current week until the following week rolls around. This behavior may be altered slightly for the NBA, NHL, and MLB but for the NFL this will not change.

How Often is the Data Updated?

This data is updated in near real-time. I suggest checking it throughout the day on Tuesday & Wednesday as you research waivers to see how our numbers evolve over time. A lot can happen in a given day in terms of injury news.

When Does it Change to the Following Week?

The data will change to the following week as early as Tuesday morning each week for the NFL. However, it may take a few hours until the data is more reliable. By the time 3PM EST rolls around on Tuesday then the data should be very accurate. I would assume that the NBA, NHL, and MLB will be switched on the Monday of each week.

Is this Cheating?

Oddly enough, I have to include an answer here because some of you have reached out asking this very question. The answer is no. Is listening to Matthew Berry provide waiver advice cheating? Consider the Fantasy Assistant your secret weapon as a purely data driven approach.

Add Analytics for Week 12

Understanding Interest

The interest metric projects the amount of activity on the waiver wire for a specific player against the rest of the waiver pool. So for example in the above image you'll notice that Gus Edwards is the clear favorite of the week. Followed up by Giants DST.

Understanding Pre Waiver Own

Pre Waiver own is the own percentage of a player PRIOR to waivers being processed for the week.

Understanding Projected Own

Projected own is the projected own percentage of a player AFTER waivers are processed for the week. Again, we are still working on this metric but it should be up very soon.

Understanding FAAB


The FAAB section that you see here is still a work in progress, so expect things to evolve and change over the next few weeks. Bids are shown as the AVG, MIN, and MAX bids with the budget assumption of $100. Therefore you can interpret these numbers as a percentage of your budget.

A major update to BID logic has been updated on December 3rd 2020 and the bid numbers that are seen are reliable.

Updated on: 12/04/2020

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