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Understanding Expert Analysis inside the Start Tool

Expert analysis is providing you a breakdown of REAL fantasy teams who own both players and are deciding who to start. The orange colors show you if that player is starting and the gray colors will show you if that player is benched.

Below that will be a number of the percentage of teams who is starting that player over the other player.

Expert Analysis

What Does BOTH START Mean?

Both players are starting for these team owners and are not benched at all. If both players are starting for most teams then there is a pretty high confidence that both guys should start in your lineup if there are enough open slots available.

What Does BOTH BN Mean?

The players are benched in all leagues and not starting at all. If both players are benched then neither one is a particularly great start.

Wrap Up

In this particular example from above it is showing that Kareem Hunt is a better start over James Robinson. When fantasy teams were given the choice, they chose Hunt over Robinson 24.26% of the time. However, teams that own both players tend to feel confident starting both players in their lineups, almost 37.28% of the time both players are starting.

Updated on: 09/23/2020

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