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Overview of the Fantasy AI Expert

Consider the Fantasy AI Expert as your personalized fantasy sports coach. It is the first of its kind across the fantasy sports industry developed here at FantasySP.

Our Fantasy AI Expert understands which players are on your team, your league settings and who is a free agent. It can do all of the research on your behalf that would typically take hours and shrink it down into mere seconds. Our AI Expert is trained for the MLB today but will arrive for the NFL, NBA, and NHL later this year.

Our AI Expert has up to the minute information on every single player across all four major USA sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. It has access to both news and their latest stats and career stats.

So you probably want to know what it can do, right? Let's dive into some of the features it has today and how to find it.

How to Access our Fantasy AI Expert

The Fantasy AI Expert can be found inside the Fantasy Assistant. You must import your league to gain access to our tool. As of this writing, it is limited to fantasy baseball leagues but you should see something similar to this:

AI Expert Assistant

Each request requires at least one credit to accomplish the task.

Player Research

Our AI is an expert on literally every single player in the fantasy sport of your choice. It can do an in depth breakdown of career stat comparisons, key moments this season, injury news, and how it impacts their fantasy outlook moving forward. Fantasy baseball has a lot of minor league players to keep track of and when they might be called up. Our AI understands both pro and minor league players. It can provide an overview and summary of their career so far and when they might get the call up to the big leagues.

Our model will continuously evolve and is constantly getting smarter. Examples included here may be different than what you experience.

We have included an example of what you should expect to see from our AI Assistant when you research players.

Ronald Acuna Jr. Example

We encourage you to rate responses so we can further improve its features and results so you get the best information.

Team Recaps

Staying on top of how your fantasy team is performing is a monumental task. Sometimes the stat line at the end of the week doesn't tell the full story. Our team recaps can summarize the current week, yesterday, or last week so you can get caught up with the latest news, injuries, and performances. Plus recommendations on what to do next.

My Team's Recap

More Features in the Future

This is just a taste of what we currently have and what to expect. In the future, expect to see more features added.

Updated on: 05/14/2024

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